My dog Mickey is not your typical doggie socialite, so keeping him here was ideal. He got his own 4' X 12' indoor kennel with more than enough space for him to walk around. They allowed us to provide his personal favorite bed, blanket, toys, and his own preferred dog food. This is a nice touch since many other kennels will sometimes charge extra for added dog amenities. It also probably made Mickey feel more like "at home." They also let your dog out twice a day (solo) in a large area to run around or to do the doggie business. Again, since my dog is not very sociable or shy with other dogs; this was ideal for him.

Tassajara Kennel staff was super nice! They allowed us to call to check up to see how Mickey was doing.

I highly recommend TK if you're looking for a simple caring place to keep your pet while you're on vacation.

-Justin M.
Castro Valley, CA

Meet the members of the Tassajara Kennel family; Our highly professional staff is always ready to help you and your beloved pet

From getting your pet checked in, to keeping their facilities clean, to giving them an amazing new haircut -- our staff is up to the task. Combined we have over 100 years of animal care experience. We love what we do, and we take pride in giving your pet the best service possible.

Susan & Kent Alger

Owner / Operators

Susan began her career back in 1992 as a Dog Groomer. Making sure your pet receives the best care possible is her main concern and she is proud to have a staff that takes the responsibility seriously. Meeting new people and animals keeps Sue going.

Kent does everything from excersizing dogs, to accounting, to changing out door knobs. He is a jack-of-all trades, and we are happy to have him when there is heavy lifting involved.

Office Staff

Our Pet Liasons

These memebers of the Tassajara team handle the fun job of greeting your pet and getting them checked in for their stay with us. We are all avid pet lovers. The best part of our job is that we can come to work and enjoy the affections of your pets during their stay.

Kennel Staff

"The Babysitters"

With all the space at Tassajara we needed people who know how to get things done and always keep a great attitude and strong work ethic. You can count on us to keep our facilities clean, dry and safe .. 24/7!

Grooming Staff

"Super Groomers!"

Big dogs, little dogs, hyper-sensitive dogs .. whatever type of dog you have our groomers promises to give him or her a perfect style .. and at a great price too!

The Dog & Cat Greeters

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