We went on a 2 week vacation to the South and Mid-West and we placed George here.

He likes this place better than the other Camp Doggy we put him. Here he got his own kennel run - indoor and outdoor all to him self, along with one on one play time. But for George he just wants love no play time. So he just basically sits with you so you can pet his tummy instead of playing fetch.

So we called and checked up on him and they said he is was doing great and pooping (which means he is eating!)

We also had the onsite Groomers clean him up before we picked him up. Wowzers! Georgie is now a show dog!!! All fluffed out and trim! He's a pretty dog instead of the rootin' tootin dawg we usually see.

All in all, George was safe and he was happy which makes me feel less guilty for leaving him.

-Erika G.
Livermore, CA

The front of Tassajara may not have big flashy neon signs, but inside you will find nothing but love.

Plenty of nice grassy playroom for your four legged friend.

Really .. lot's of nice out door space!.

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